Incredible Edible Tea Party

The Idea

The Rose Garden Tea Party came into being as part of Kew's summer season 2013. Focusing on the wonders of edible plants, visitors can get up close and personal to the living ingredients that make up a quintessential British tea party.

The fundamental idea behind the table is to portray botanical information in a fun and theatrical way; a feast for the eyes enticing people to learn about the plants that make the food products they come into contact with every day.

Hop from one place-setting to the next to discover the different food you might find at a tea party. Be it Strawberry Jam, Earl Grey or Piccalilly, there are plenty to choose from. But there's also a hint of mad hatter, so look out for riddles, clues and plants that aren't what they seem…

Whether you're a connoisseur of hand-decorated English china, appreciative of traditional carpentry techniques, or a student of botanical illustration, there is something at the table to entertain everyone.