Incredible Edible Tea Party


The tea party can be found in the Rose Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. It is part of their Incredible Edible summer festival, which launches on 25th May 2013 and runs until 3rd November.

The tea party is a project conceived and created by Kirsti Davies, a community artist based in Hackney, London. The oak table and chairs were designed and built by Giles Thaxton, a craftsman based in Mid-Wales.

If you have an enquiry about the table please send an email to or call 07731 983215

To see more of Giles' work or to contact him, please visit his website.



Hand drawn illustrations: Kirsti Davies, Jonny Glover, Sandra Howgate and Claire Stringer.

Photoshop wizardry: Jonny Glover.

China whiteware, studio space and firing: Stokes Croft China at People's Republic of Stokes Croft. Special thanks to Chris and the very talented Flora Keen for all her incredible support.

Transfer application: Janet Davies, Kirsti Davies, Flora Keen, Bec Sanderson, Claire Stringer and Harriet Wallis.

Rhymes and riddles: Kirsti Davies, Ewen Moore, Claire Stringer and Kew Gardens.


Carpentry and craft: Nick Bard, Harvey Collinson, Katie Hastings, Kirsten Manley, Chris Moreton, Paulo, Esther Tew, Giles Thaxton and Harriet Wallis.

Thanks also to:

Kew Gardens (obviously!), especially Andy Conner, Emily Dutton, Lara Mistry and Joe Robbins.

Dianne and David at Ceniarth, Ann MacGarry, the Caer Lloi tribe, Smugglers Cove Boatyard, Chalky White.

Jamie Andrews for building this website (and getting up at 5am on at least one occassion!) and Janet Davies again for her unconditional help and support.